Latin formation teams in Kent

Formation dancing is very popular at Starlite. Teams comprise four, six or eight couples, training at Ditton Community Centre . They dance a routine to the five Latin rhythms for a duration of up to six minutes, and each year they compete at the British Dance Championships in Blackpool.

We’ll be starting to form our 2012 teams soon – get in touch if you’re interested in joining a Starlite formation team!


Congratulations to the Starlite Americano team…4th out of 26 and the Starlite 40s team who finished 4th out of 21 teams.

Only 2 English teams to feature in both these finals…WELL DONE X



The Starlite 40s team came 3rd out of an entry of 29 teams.

The Starlite Junior team made the final and came 6th

Once again, Starlite came top in the South of England…..Well Done

2009 Blackpool formation teams results

The Starlite Hypnotic Team came third from an entry of 27 teams in the Junior 4-couple event. The Starlite Dance Team came 10th in the same event.

The Starlite Juvenile Team finished 7th in the Juvenile 8-couple event (missing the final by one place).

Dance Team Starlite also finished 7th of 21 teams in their event, the Junior 8-couple event – missing the final by one place and one mark! The Starlite Latin Team finished 18th in the same event.

The Starlite Nightmare Team came 8th of 24 teams in the Juvenile 4-couple event, with the Starlite Sparklers 9th and the Starlite Bond Team 14th.

Well done to all our teams!

Our formation achievements

We started our formation teams in 2001 and our very first team made the grand final. Every year since, Starlite teams have made the Blackpool finals.

Starlite teams have made the Blackpool finals every year since 2001

Our first champion team was the Starlite Juvenile Team, which won in 2004 from a 19 team entry.

The following year, the Starlite Junior Team won first place. Their popularity earned them an invitation to demonstrate in Paris; they appeared on TV and were interviewed for national radio.

In April 2006, the Starlite Gems won the four-couple juvenile section (17 teams entered). Their dance routine and image was based on 1940s wartime. It was a great win for a talented group, four of whom had been members of the champions’ team in 2004.

In 2007, three Starlite teams made the final at the British Championships – finishing a respectable 4th, 5th and 6th.

In 2008, Dance Team Starlite finished 5th in the junior eight-couple event from an entry of 21 teams and the Starlite Nightmare team finished third from an entry of 25 teams. They were the only English team in the final.

The Nightmare team have won many competitions including the Kent Dance Challenge and the southern heat of the British Troupe Championships.

Contact us if you’re interested in joining a Starlite formation team!